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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 North Korea Greetings and Gestures Confusiacm teaches North Koreans to always behave with respect. Greetings are very formal with the bow being the most common greeting. As a sign of respect, the younger person bows until the other returns the favor. Another common greeting is a handshake by extending the right arm being supported by the left arm at the forearm to show deference. The most common greeting phrase is "Annyong hasio". This means peace be with you. Eating DietFamilies rarely have time to eat together as most parents work early in the morning, and stay late at night. Conversations are limited, and eating with fingers is considered impolite. Spoons are used for soup, but chopsticks are used for everything else. Restaurants are relatively uncommon in North Korea, and usually only eaten at by the wealthy.Average families only eat there on very special occasions. Soup, noodles, and rice are the most common foods in North Korea, and make up the daily diet of most of the population. Visiting and SocializingNorth Koreans do not commonly visit unannounced, and arranged visits for social purposes are very uncommon. Relatives in the country are usually only visited for holidays.It is respectful to give a gift t the host as a sign of respect. Showing respect towards the family are most important during these visits. Guests take off their hats and shoes; and age or status determines who gets the best seat, best meat etc.. FamilyNorth Koreans consider society to be family focused, so sons usually follow in their father's footsteps. Large families are rewarded by the government, but the average family has two children. Due to economic difficulties, mostly both parents work and the children go to daycare centers. It is estimated that about ten million extended families are separated by the North and South Korean border.Despite legal equality, women are usually considered at a lower status than men. Dating and MarriageDating isn't commonly practicedbut is increasing in urban areas. Matchmaking by parents and friends is the most common among North Koreans, although these can be rejected. Marriage usually happens shortly after meeting. The average age of a women for marriage is 25, and for a man it is 27. Women unmarried after the age of 30, are frowned upon by society. HousingAbout 40% of North Koreans live in rural areas,and many in agricultural cooperatives. By 1958, all farmers were compromised into 3000 cooperatives, each composed of 300 families on 1000 acres of land. Rural houses are usually built using natural materials. Pyongyang has made housing, such as high rise apartments, available for the wealthy.
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