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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Venezuelan Revolution Important People-Francisco De Miranda-Alexander Hamilton -Napoleon-Simon Bolivar -Jose Felix Ribas More than 3000 people died Important Battles Battle of Alto De Los GodosBattle of AraureBattle of CucutaBattle of Los HorconesBattle of CaraboboBattle of La VictoriaBattle of Lake MaracaiboBattle of Las Queseras del Medio 1806- Francisco De Miranda launches an attack an Venezuela1810- Creole patriots declare independence from Spains unstable government1811- First Venezuelan Republic is formed 1812- Spanish Royalists along with a powerful earthquake almost ends the fight for independnce however Simon Bolivar rejoins the fight and drives the Spanish out from the Magdalena River1813- Simon Bolivar successfully retakes Caracas1814- The Second Venezuelan Republic is formed only to be taken down once again by a powerful Spanish force known as the Infernal Legion1817- Venezuelan rebels fight amongst one another for control of leadership, eventually Simon Bolivarovercomes the opposing forces and takes control of a large uniting army once again1819- Simon riskily crosses his army across the Andes losing half of it, however he quickly recruits a more equipped army and crushes the Spanish forces in Bogota1821- All the Spanish forces combined against all the rebels in a great final Battle of Carabobo where the Venezuelan forces finally reach a great victory and claim independence Venezuela Today- President: Nicolas Maduro-Land area: 340,560-Population : 28,868,468-capital:Caracas-Monetary unit - Boliviar -Government- Federal republic The Fight Against Spain
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