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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Negative Impacts Positive Impacts Business Infomation Razer was founded San Diego, California by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff, Razer Began In a small office with only a couple people. now Razer has 400 employees over 3 countries, USA Europe and Asia.Razer makes PC's, laptops and tons of computer peripherals, some of the PC peripherals they design are, laptop mice, speakers, controllers and much more Econimical factors Social Factors Cultural Factors Environmental Factors Economical Factors Social Factors Cultural Factors Environmental Factor A positive social factor is that Razer has brought the community together in terms of gaming. Razer has done this by making programs like Razer comms and other programs. Razer comms is accentually a program in which gamers can talk through while playing the game. this also mutes all the players from the game so you cant here them, you can only here your friends Even though Razer has made these programs to make the community of gamers come closer, there is also a negative impact to this. if people are online all the time and playing video games there is going to be a chance that they become less Social Razer has changed the way people use their computers, for example Razer has created a mouse that has number buttons on the side exspeically desgined for MMO's like Dota 2, World of Warcraft, League of legends and many more. gamers that play MMO's have a greater advantage by using this mouse because you dont have to reach your fingers over to press the "1" key. you can just use your thumb on your mouse.Razer wasnt the first to make these but they also desgined a Headset that you use and it hassurround sound so you can have andvatage so you know where your enemy is before they see you.they are just some of the differences that Razer hasmade in the gaming community one positive side of Razer is that the company uses recycled parts, they means that they dont have to mine as much and less materials are being used to recreate the laptops that they make. Razer recycling part also helps with pollution, if they dont mine as much they dont use as much machinery to get the materials and less fuses are put into the air. even though Razer uses recycled part that doesnt mean that they dont need mines to get more materials to manufacture their products. More mining means they need to clear more land which most likely involves deforestation which will kill habitsts and some animals because they lose their habitat Even tho they lose money for every laptop they sell, they cover the cost and more by selling the other computer peripherals like Mice speakers headsets and many others For every laptop Razer sells they lose a lot of money because it costs more to make the laptop then what they sell it for. The rapid growing of the gaming community can also have some disadvantages because if there is more people playing video games mean that more prople will become lazy and less social in society and more social in the virtual world . Razer, as you can see has a lot more positives than negatives, even tho people see gaming as a waste of time and a way to be anti-social, the gaming community is growing and so are the ways that gamers can communicate. one of the ways gamers are becoming more social is that they have massive comps, for games like Dota 2, LoL, WoW and many more. Conclusion
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