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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vancouver is a very mountainous place, a few of the mountain ranges that go through Vancouver are the Cassiar Mountains, Columbia Mountains and Canadian Rocky Mountains. It also has tons of rivers/lakes and tons of other bodies of water to drink from. For example the Fraser River and the Colombia river. Survive in Vancouver,Canada Physical Charachteristics Climate Patterns There is one large pacific ocean current that goes along the western side of Canada that is a cold current called thesubarctic current. And with thatcurrent comes a stable non dramatic climate. Some of the mountain ranges around Vancouver are the North Shore mountains thatoverlook Vancouver. Since Vancouver has a latitude/ longitude of 49.2500° N, 123.1000° W it has a fairly miled climate. And also the elevation is bout 121 feet above sea level, so it is not super high like Colorado or low like Amsterdam.Vancouver's vegetation is a temperate rain forest and some swampland. During the summer because of the way the sun hits it in the summer it is not very hot but its nice and same with the winterit doesn't snow but it is cold. Subarctic current Landform patterns Vancouver Vancouver elevation map high low In Vancouver there are tons of mountain ranges such as the North shore mountains and a few volcanic mountains such as mountMeager which could pose a treatbut its not likely. Human Environmental Interaction Because of the climate and landforms in Vancouver humans would need to build tons of bridges to go over water and tunnels to go through the mountain passes. Wewould need to depend on the wildlife like moose, deer, foxesect.and also fish and fishing is very important in this part of the world because we are right next to the water. The most dangerous natural hazards around us are probably volcanic eruptions or landslides because of the wet climate. lions gate bridge By:Thomas Tolgu
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