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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Legislative Branch and Their Process Our Congress is broken up into two houses, so that each can keep the other in line. This is the big three. Joe Biden, Vice President and head of Senate. Then we have ya boi Barack. And on the right we have the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. In the Senate, representation is 2 senators per state, So there are 100 senators on the US Senate.Joe Biden, Vice President, runs the senate, his duties include...Introducing votes, calling on members to speak, and being the official tie breaker.The required qualifications are as follow:They must be atleast 30 years oldThey must live in the state they want to representAnd they must have had citizenship in the USfor 9 years. In the House, representation is determined by a statespopulation. There are 435 members in the HOR.John Boehner, is the Speakerof the House.His duties include... Being the voice of the HOR,Leader of the Majority Party.The required qualifications are as follow: Atleast 25 years if ageMust have US residency for a minimumof 7 years.And they must reside within the state they were selected to represent, at the time of the vote. In Wyoming, like everyone, we have 2 seats in the Senate, but our population limits us to only one member of the House. All Republican of course.. This is our representative in the House, Cynthia LummisShe was born in Cheyenne and at 24 she became the youngestwoman to join WY legislature. This is Senator John Barasso.He was born in PA, buthis good standing in WY as asurgeon earned him the nickname"Wyoming's Doctor" Finally we have Senator Mike Enzi.He was born in Bremerton, WA. He is our senior senate member and sat as chairman of the budget committee. If you get bogged down in the semantics of things, congress doesn't do much. They are there to decide what is or should be a law, not if its constitutional, that's a different branch. They hold votes and have the power to overturn a presidential veto. There full powers are written out in the articles of our constitution. But the Elastic Clause gives them the power to make the laws that they see fit for the current times. It's there to keep the powers of congress current.
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