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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HOW TO USE YOUR BUSINESS ARCHETYPE 8 2 4 5 7 6 3 Now you know what your business archetype is, and what natural talents it comeswith, its time to put that information to good use. The following are some suggested fields and occupations which will suit each archetype. This is just meant to be used as a guide.If your current business or career doesn't fit in with your archetype number don't worry. The occupation/field itself isn't as important as the natural talents associated with your archetype number. How you use those is what matters. Suggested Roles/Fields - Secretary, Assistant, Diplomat, Judge, Mediation, Lawyer, Social Worker,Coach, or Teaching. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - Those where you can connect with agroup like workshops, Facebook, networking events, and LinkedIn. Suggested Roles/Fields - Engineer, Builder, Mechanic, Draftsman, Accountant, Architect, Real Estate Agent, Ecologist, Recruitment, Consulting or Banking. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - You need practical and organized strategies that have stood the test of time like creating specialized apps, LinkedIn, and direct mail. Suggested Roles/Fields - Promoter, Investigator, Reporter, Publicist, Sales, Advertising, Copywriting, Marketing,or Customer Service. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - Those that are people based such as networkingevents, video and teleseminars. Suggested Roles/Fields - Social Worker, Doctor, Nurse, Interior Decorator, Butler, Valet, Counselor, Dietician,Teacher, or a Chef. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - Those where you can build a community such asFacebook, blogs, and Twitter. Suggested Roles/Fields - Psychiatrist, Clergyman, Trainer, Metaphysics, Researcher, Philosophy, Investigator, Scientist, Detective, Teacher, or a Professor. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To –- Where you can share and discuss your topic of expertise such as forums, white papers (an authoritative guide or report), and webinars. Suggested Roles/Fields - Banking, Business, Real Estate, Stockbroker, CorporateExecutive, Consultant, Retailer, Financier, or Fundraising. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - Those that have a business focus and allow you to share your visions such as workshops, LinkedIn and teleseminars. Suggested Roles/Fields - Artist, Publishing, Lecturer, Painter, Playwright, Physician, Lawyer, Humanitarian, or Philanthropy. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - Those where you can reach a global audience such as podcasts, Facebook, and books. Copyright 2012 Leonie Hope and Inspired Life Paths 9 Suggested Roles/Fields - Leader, Inventor, Designer, Director, Creative Thinking, Politician, Congressman, CEO, Entrepreneur, or a Team Captain. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To -Platforms where you can share your unique ideas like Facebook, Instagram, and Video. 1 Suggested Roles/Fields - Actor, Musician, News Reader, Writer, Beautician, Advertising, Model, Graphic Designer, Social Director, Speaker, Publisher, Hospitality, or a Copywriter. Marketing Strategies Best Suited To - Anything written or spoken that can inspire and energize like blogs, infographics, and speaking. If you would like help to reinvent your business or find a way to apply this information that works for you, please visit for more information.
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