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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] POLITICAL SYSTEMS USA vs ITALY LEGISLATIVE SENATE 6 years State election100 members HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE 2 years State election 435 members -writing new laws,-setting federal taxes, -approving presidential appointments. -overruling presidential vetoes,-approving treaties,-declaring war,-impeaching a President. SENATE 5 yearsgeneral election 315 members CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES 5 yearsgeneral election 630 members -writing new laws,-voting the confidence of the new government, - electing a portion of the justices. COUNCIL OF MINISTERS 5 yearsPrime Minister election -issuing decree laws, in case of urgency or under parliamentary delegation. PRESIDENT General election 4 years VICE-PRESIDENT General election 4 years EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS Presidential appointment no set terms INDEPENDENT AGENCIES Presidential appointment no set terms COUNCIL OF MINISTERS 5 yearsPrime Minister election -commanding the armed forces,-conducting foreign affairs,-recommending laws to Congress,-approving or vetoes new laws. -presiding over the Senate, -acting as a link between the President and the Senate,-participating in Cabinet meetings,-serving as a member of the National Security Council. EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT Parliament election 7 years -establishing general policies,-clamming decree laws. -electing the Prime Minister,-commanding the armed forces,-appointing five judges. SUPREME COURT Presidential appointment life 9 justices LOWER FEDERAL COURTS Presidential appointment life -interpreting laws according to the Constitution,-declaring actions of the Executive and Legislative branches unconstitutional. -deciding cases that involve the Constitution and federal laws. SUPREME COURT OF CASSATION 9 anni 5 justices CONSTITUTIONAL COURT 9 anni 15 justices -judging civil and criminal processes. -judging the impeachmentof a President,-judging conflicts arising from allocation of powers of the State. JUDICIAL CREATED BYIrene Galletti and Rita Stefanuto class 5^D AFM BIOGRAPHY-Business Globe (Margherita Cumino and Philippa Bowen),- l-
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