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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Urban Planning Ideas for New York (1890) To help decrease the crowding of all our citizens we can, first of all advise them to enter the United States in states other than New York.Another way could be to help immigrants to move and spread into other states. Some money would be needed to help some of them to move, then others would follow and to get this money we could temporarily stop paying for road maintenance and use that money. Increased Immigrants Equals Less Space! Decreased Sanitation is Unhealthy Living. The poor sanitation of our area is greatly affecting how our citizens are living. Some ways that we could increase the sanitation of this area are to designate a drop off spot for trash and other unwanted things, so as to not let the terrible smell become overwhelming. We could also hire garbage men to collect the trash to bring it tothis new trash deposit area. These garbage men would need to bepaid, so to get this money we could charge a small but reasonableprice for the collection of their trash. It's Time To Fight The Crime! Our Crime rate has significantly increasedand to start the decreasing I have thoughtof a couple things we can do. First we canissue a statement of things to do to keepyourself safe which hopefully people willuse. Another thing we could do is tohire more law officials, such as police. Thiswould cost money, paying them and such but to get this money we could slightlyincrease taxes on the wealthy. Crime Rate We Need to Decrease Tenement Life. Tenement life is very common in this areaand that should change. Some ways we cando this are to make options for housing else-where by tearing down unused buildingsto make room for new ones. We can also startshelters for the homeless this would costvery little and we could use volunteers to help them.To get any money we might need we coulddecrease state official's pay. Increasing the Job Industry Our job industry is very low, we canraise it by hiring new law officialsand garbage men. We can also passa state law saying no children underthe age of 16 can work in factories,and this will help.
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