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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FOR INSTRUCTORS. Together with instructors, we can inspire people to lead a more active life. We are a sports and fitness movement that puts instructors at its heart and focuses on quality. We've worked with the top 200 sports, fitness and health instructors in London to build technology that helps instructors manage their business in one place and enjoy the success they deserve. Our technology is designed to help instructors focus their time and energy in the gym, on court, in the studio, poolside or wherever they're most at home... OUR FOCUS ...and away from energy-sappingday-to-day administrative tasks. Whether you run a multi-instructor business or are an independent instructor, our mobile and cloud-based management and marketing technology is designed for you. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS Best in MarketMobile and Online booking and Payment technology Wave goodbye to admin. Look after all of your clients on-the-go with the upmysport App Keep track of all of your bookings and payments WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO GROW? We've got you covered Where people find their perfect instructors and sessions Social Sharing Let your clients tell the world how good you and your business are Website Design We design and publish simple websites for your business Coming soon in 2015
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