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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The United Kingdom as a Unitary State Prime Minister Parliament Is divided into Is the head of Rules over House of Commons House of Lords *The UK is a 'constitutional monarchy', meaning that a king or queen reigns, with limits to their power, alongside the Parliament.*The monarch comes from the royal family Is Monarch He or she is the head of the governmentHe appoints members of the governmentPrincipal in the House of commonsHe leads with support of the cabinet and the ministersAppointed by the Queen David CameronHe is leader of the Conservative party Today she is Queen Elizabeth II Today Is Today 1 2 3 It is a legislative bodyHas 2 main chambersIn charge of questioning the Government and lawsMakes laws Monarch is part of the Parliament Is Today Has 646 membersIs the most powerful chamberThey make laws,question government, represent the people, review taxes and debates issuesMembers are elected by the constituencies every 5 yearsTo be member you need to: o Be at least 18 years old o Not be in prision o Not be in the House of Lords or the monarch A chamber made of 92 peers Peers are not elected but chosen by a committee for lifeThey are made of important peopleRepresent areas like science or health, not physical areasThey make laws, question government,represent the people, debate issues within smaller committees Ministers are appointed by thePrime Ministerfrom within his party in the House of Commons Local Governments Have power under the ParliamentThere are different Parliaments within each "country" insideMany types of structureMay be elected in 3 levels o County o District o Parish Responsabilities (Directed by government):o Administer moneyo Make statuteso Collect taxeso Represent their locality
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