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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know animals are masters of disguise? how do they use it? why do they use it? you tell me how do you feel about animals camo now? start in either color it is commonly mistaken that chameleons use camo but in fact they are just using their mood to change their color so making it look like they are blending in indirect quotes lets look at the files! most animals disguise them selves for a most simple reason so they can get away from predators,but that's not always true some times animals use camo to get a jump on their prey when they are least suspecting it. most animals that use camouflageare very observantof their environmentin which they turn clear then copy their surroundings. A. still confused B. understand now C. need a little more info D. just have one question animals are true masters of disguise blending effortlessly into their environment as a means of survival in the natural world. Animals use camouflage to hide from and confuse predators and prey For some such animals, their natural appearance mimics, matches, and fades into their surroundings. even though its an awesome adaptation very few animals use camoflouge. It helps animals hide from predatorsand catch prey. in a way you could call animals that use camouflagethe spy masters of nature. most animals that do use camouflage yes use it to hide from predators and to get a jump on prey but sometimes they just simply use it to show emotion all of my direct quotes came from and are in the search category of animals are masters of disguise.
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