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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The life cycle of a football What is a football made out of Footballs are made from bladders hides rubber paint leathers and laces after a special tanning process is cut into a bend which isthe best and strongest part of the hide2. the bend is then die-cut into panels using a hydraulically driven clicken machine an operator cuts 4 panelsinto the precise shape required at the same time3. next each panel goesthrough a skiving machine in order to reduce it to a predeter minenldthickness and weight 4 a synthetic lisneing is sewn to each panel .the lining which is composed of 3 layers of crossed laid fabric firmlycemented together prevents it the panel from stretching or growing out of shape during use the lining and panel are sewn together using an industrial size and strength version of a home sewing machine 5a facing is then applied to those areas that will carry the lacing holes as well as the inflating needle the holes are then punched 6 the four panels are sewn together by a hot-wax lock stitch machine to ensure that the seams are especially dunable then the ball is turned right side out7 next a 2 ply butyl rubber bladder is inserted in the ball is inced and then it is in-flated with a pressure of not less then 12.5lb ( 6kg) but no more than 13.95lb (6.1) afterinflation the ball is checked to ensure it comes from to the right size and weight regulations how do you put together a football note i made two because I didn't have ehough room
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