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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! 1. The Wish Lister Solution: mostly women! The shopping cart. It gives them the illusion of ownership. Show them that they can afford something: give them a discount on one of the items! The kind of person that would browse, add products to their shopping cart,come back, browse again - but never buy! 2. The Brand-Oriented Visitor Someone who likes to stay on top of the trends and oftenpurchases items on impulses. Trigger: Trigger: Solution: Make the product stand out, show what it is like to own it and let them experience it through the pictures. This person will reject options that don't match his/her strictcriteria and then will carefully choose between the remaining options using cost/benefit analysis. 3. The Rational Visitor Solution: Trigger: Rational reasoning: "I need a functional object". Emotional arousal. Provide this person with all the information to help them make a calculated decision. Simplify their life. 4. The Maximizer Wants to make the BEST choice. The kind of shopper that will look though a million options and compare them all before making a decision. Trigger: Solution: The fear of making a bad decision. Intelligently limit the number of options, don't paralyze the maximizer by offering too much choice. 5. The Satisfier The opposite of the maximizer: will choose the first option that satisfy all of the criteria. This person has high expectations for the product, but won't waste time once all of the criteria are met. Trigger: Solution: Time = money. Filtering or logical menu categories - save them their time! 6. The Hesitator This person will hover over the "purchase" button for a long time, hesitating whether he/she should click it Trigger: Solution: Personality traits: risk avoidance. Convince the hesitator that it's the right decision and encourage him/her with positive wording. Also make reduce the number of check out pages. Source: -types?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=ArticleShare&utm_tone=qu Different Online Shopper Personalities
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