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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Supreme Court of the United States: The Supreme Court is responsible for providing "equal justice under law" for the utmost significant cases brought forth under the constitution of the United States. The overall ruling is based off the judgement and interpretation of the Constitution of each Supreme Court Justice member. Types of courts: State Supreme Courts: State SupremeCourts are responsible for hearing any appealed cases from inferior state courts. They are responsible for the corrections of any mistakes made. State Trial Courts: State TrialCourts are responsible for the hearing of cases involvingstate and civil crimes. US Court of Appeals: The Us Court of Appeals is responsiblefor the hearing of cases appealedand for validating that these casesbe heard and judged in astate trial court. US District Courts: The US District Courts are the trialcourts for the federal courtsystem and are responsible for the hearing of federal casesof nearly all categories. Court of Claims: The responsibilityof the Court of Claims is to hear cases brought by US citizens against the federal government Court of Military Appeals: Theresponsibility of the Court of Military Appeals is to hear casesregarding legal issues withinthe armed forces. Court of International Trade: The court of international trade hearscases regarding the legal issues oftrade and their limits andboundaries.
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