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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TSUNAMI BIGGEST WORLD's LANDSLIDE TSUNAMI 250 500 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 A huge 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Fairway Fault,due to Transform Plate Boundary, caused million cubic yards of dirt, glacier and rock to fall ft from mountain to sea Volcanic eruption sent debris into Spirit Lake, creating 853 ft wave in Washington, U.S.A. 820 ft wave created by a landslide, flooded villages in Vajont Dam, Monte Toc, Italy Earthquake sent a 400 ft wave to crash down in Libson, Portugal 201 ft wave, spawned by earthquake, crashed into the Valdz Inlet of Alaska, U.S.A. LITUYA BAY, ALASKA GOOD NEWS:BAD NEWS: Families had to suffer the loss of two fishermen, who's small fishing boat had been swallowed by the wave boat's had majestically been swooped up and carried by the WAVE! Luckily, they had both landed safely in the next Bay. "First, at 10:06 pm there had been a loud rumble noise at the head of the Bay." "Then there had been a pause of silence. I had thought it passed." "Suddenly, it was like an And a of just came rushing towards us." "Our boat felt like it shot upward, as the wave scooped us up. The wave carried us over the trees and I could just see all the ." "I never would've thought we would still be right now." Fortunately, the wave had hit in an unpopulated area and death was minimal Only trees had managed to survive. Wave cleared a total of trees. 4/5 of the forest had been brutally devastated. 10,800 2700 "It had been the moment of my ." 1720 ft WAVE 40 3000 Measured miles long by miles at it's widest 7 2 Wave covered 5 miles of land, stretched across whole Bay and sent water as far as ft inland 3600 2 Debris hit in Gilbert Inlet, displacing a large amount of water, which then created a WALL of WATER SCARIEST LIFE ATOMIC EXPLOSION WALL WATER -Howard G. Ulrich: fisherman, survivor TOP 5 LARGEST TSUNAMI'S in the WORLD DEVASTATION ALIVE
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