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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 After a tsunami thousandsare left homeless and companiescan go broke if their house or building gets knocked down. All the garbage from the houses can cause disease Tsunamis knock down everything In their way. This results in thousandsof plants dead and thousands of animalsdead. Impacts After Tusumis How they Should of acted During A Tsunami 40% of adolescents and 20% of mothers of these adolescents were found to have PTSD four months after the tsunami. 2004 Tsunami What Happens Underwater Tsunami's normally happen after an earthquake, landslide or volcano erups under water How To Tell A Tsunami Is Happining First The Water will be drawn out so you can see the were the sea used to be. Then the waves will come back extremely fast and can reach up to 100 feet. After this wave their can be up to 3 more waves that can be minutes or hours apart People around the tsunami Should try to get to higher land so the wave can not hit them or can hit them with not much force. If they can not get to higher land they we should stay inside a strong building not close to a window. If You see the wave or the water going out you should not panic or go closer to it you should run as far as you can Facts About The 2004 Tsunami * 230,000 were left dead* Countries around the world contributed 14 billon dollars US * The wave reached a speed of 500mph * Had more power than 1,000 atomic bombs
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