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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the cotton, the supply, for the t-shirtis grown in America and shipped to several places to be made into a t-shirt. America wants tokeep the cotton businesshere for the subsidies,The product is inbound in the other country during manufacturing The cotton of the T-Shirt is grown in America. much technology is involved the seeds are genetically modified and the cotton is picked and shipped all through machines then the cotton is shipped to India(one of the many places)that makes the cotton into fabric In India, manufacturing, the cottonis then processed into yarn(other wise known as thread) ,and then sewn into fabric,all through technologwith no help from man. We ship the cotton away because it is cheaperover seas to make the fabric. The product is outbound because it is moving around. Manufacturing continues to Bangladeshor another country that has cheap service, real people.In Bangladesh they cut and sew the fabric for the t-shirts to get ready to ship them. The product is outbound still and waiting to be finished. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Distribution happensafter the t-shirts are completedin the other countries.They are then shipped by boat incontainers to Americato be screen printed the last step of manufacturing and to be sold throughout America and where ever else.The product is outbound it is not used to its fullest yet. T-Shirt TRAVELS the final product is shipped allthroughout America. Back were the original t-shirt started. The consumption phase starts with us. We buy the shirt, wear it, wash it.We then give it away. the t-shirt at this pointhas not completely reached full potential. This is outbound until we give the shirt away.During this phase is could be reverse.Becasue you can eturn the shirt an t anew t-shirt. The t-shirt is in the final stagepost consumption. The post consumption is when the t-shirt is shippedto Africa and they sell it to sellerswho sell it to the other people. They are in the phase of the last t-shirt there is. After being shipped away the t-shirtcycle is ended.
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