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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Beginner's Guide to Scripted Programming- fictionMessage often politically aligned Your Job Analyze 4 KeySkills Create Access Gender The term "media" refers to a complex system of platforms for delivering and receiving information. "The Media" is comprised of a variety of sources Commentary v. News Reporting (NR)(NR) (C)(C) Fact-Checked, Accurate infoUnbiased, Neutral Data Evaluate Unfortunately, most newsroomslack diversity and the scope of the information produced canbe limited and exclusive. The Power of Social Media Anyone Social Media has made access to information both instantaneous and consequence free. can produce, or share anything anytime with no obligation to research the truth of the claims that they are making. at We spend our lives on the internet. Each of these content producers has to find a way to keep people interested in theirdata. This compromises the quality of the info. There is so much to seetake the time to insure that what you are readingis worth the time! Evaluate- assess the credibility of the source againstthe claims being made. "Media Currency" refersto what happens with one or a few topics are popularin the public domain of discussion. Analyze- check the facts that you are being presentedwith. If you aren't "internet savvy" simply comparingtrending stories can be a helpful way to begin. Create- share he information that you have verifiedand encourage others to adopt similar practices. Being familiar with the technology is only half ofthe responsibility. Access- stay informed by knowing where you can go to get information. A simple google search for your area can be a great starting point. MEDIA LITERACY Race, Sexual Identity, Ethnic Background, Cultural & Religious affilitions, Citizenship Status... these are just a few examples of gender issues that are often perceived as exploited by the Media
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