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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The temperature inthe tropical rainforest rarely gets over 93 degrees F,and rarely gets below 68 degrees F. Tropical Rainforest Average temperatures Flora Bengal Bamboo- Bengal Bamboo likes temperatures between 40 degrees F and 100 degrees F. They can grow to be between 40-80 ft high they are also fast growing. Kapok Tree- They can grow to a height of 151ft or more. The crown is an umbrellashape with leaves that are 7-8 cmlong and 1-3.5 cm wide, the flowerof the Kapok tree are 2.5 cm long and a creamy white or pale pinkcolor. Fauna Toco toucan- is the largest of the toucanspecies, it eat fruits, seeds, insects, &spiders, it is also a predator it hunts lizards, snakes, steels eggs,and nestlings from smaller birds. proboscis Monkey- A male is 2-2.5feet long and weighs 35-51 lbs. a female is 1.7-2 ft long and weighs only 15-24 lbs, their tales are as long as theirbody. Their life span is about 20 years. Rain forests are mainly foundaround the equator. Location Climate 50% of the precipitation comesfrom its own evaporation. the climate is very humid because ofall of the rainfall. This is how therain in the tropical rainforest ismade as the warm meets the coldcondensation takes place then cloudsform. Weather patterns With rain almost every day it meansthat is is usually quite cloudy also because tropical rainforests arein the general location of the equator Layers of the rainforest Emergent layer Upper canopy layer Under story layer Forest floor here are some animals that I didn't mention- African forest elephant, Bengal tiger, chimpanzee, Orangutan, dawn bat,common musang, Harpy eagle,& Lin sloth there are many more animals..
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