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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Now we are... double click to change this title text! Human Impact on Trees We can't cut trees because trees make our planet greener. Humans are destroying the environment because there cutting down trees.It's a problem because trees are very important to our planet because trees give us oxygen. accounting for 82 percent of the primary threats to wildlife populations across the globe because the humans are cutting the trees animals live on it. we need trees because We all need trees because trees give us oxygen. We dont always have to cut down a tree to be able to make something from it. The rubber that you find on soles of your shoes is made from sap that comes from a type of tree found in Brazil, India, China and Southeast Asia. There are also many plants that have life-saving properties. About $30 billion is spent every year in Canada on prescription and non-prescription drugs that contain active ingredients that come from forests. Illnesses such as malaria, hypertension, heart disease and cancer are all treated with medicines made in part from plants. 25% of trees has been cutting by humans. the shade from trees helps cool the earths temperature overall. Trees also help moderate the earths rainfall, which also helps keep the temperature cooler. 60,000 square kilometers of trees are getting cut each year SOURCES www.ran.org
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