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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Senior Pastor Transition Priorities First Baptist Church at Savoy Building On Previously Established Foundations - These Have Not Changed Vision Statement: We are a multi-generational, biblically based church, reaching and equipping people to live missional, Christ centered lives together. Mission Statement: Worship<>Grow<>Serve - Helping people discover energy in worshipping God, growing as Christ-followers, and serving in the Holy Spirit's power. Strategic Initiatives: Team Building, Assimilation, Relational Evangelism Our Core Values of our church (our DNA - what is important to us) 1. Focusing on Biblical truth and values2. Living out our faith3. Developing community (caring, friendly, welcoming, accepting, grace-giving)4. Making a mission impact5. Being a multi-generational congregation6. Investing in our future - responsible stewardship Priority Issues for FBC Senior Pastor Transition Sunday Morning Vibrancy 1. Intellectually, emotionally, & spiritually moved to surrender and follow Jesus Christ.2. In worship, education, and fellowship. Outward Focus 1. Entry events/points.2. People coming to Christ/Relational Evangelism.3. Building relationships that intentionally assimilate people into our fellowship. Enhance the Experience of Community Among Our People 1. Increase small group opportunities2. Creating community in established groups Equipping 1. Equipping Boards to serve collaboratively2. Developing/equipping leaders3. Developing/equipping teams4. Equipping people for spiritual formation
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