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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trans Fat What isTrans Fat Avoid Trans Fatsin your everyday food Trans fat is said to raise your LDL(bad) cholesterol, and lower your HDL(good) cholesterol. Trans fats are alsoknown to help clog arteries. In one study,women who consumed the greatestamount of trans fat in their dietscompared to the least had a 50% higherrisk of a heart attack.The chance ofhaving diabetes also increases whenconsuming trans fat. Trans Fat can be found in the following places:-Baked goods: any cakes, cookies, pie crusts, etc that were made using shortening can contain traces of trans fat, as well as ready-made frosting. -Snacks: potato, corn, tortilla chips, and some microwave popcorn use trans fat for flavoring or cooking purposes.-Fried food: anything requiring deep frying. Such as french fries, doughnuts, and fried chicken. The trans fat comes from the oil in the cooking process. -Refrigerator dough: canned biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and even frozen pizza crusts. -Creamer and margarine: non dairy coffee creamer and stick margarine can contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Trans fats are formed through an industrial processthat adds hydrogen to vegetable oil. This makes theoil become a solid at room temperature. Even thoughmost trans fats are man-made there are a few dairyand meat products that naturally have small amountsof trans fat. Trans fat as of today has no health benefits. The Department ofAgriculture recommends that you keep your trans fat intake as lowas possible. The FDA states that trans fat should be phased outof the production of food, but it is a lengthy process and willtake a while to be completed. Structure Trans fats raise bad cholesterol levels slightly lessthan saturated fats do. But saturated fats also raiselevels of good cholesterol and trans fatty acids don't.Even though many say trans fats are worse, it is proventhat they both do the same amount of harm because wetake in a lot more saturated fats than trans fat. FDAestimates that we take in 5.8 grams of trans fat perday which is about 2.6% of our daily calories. We eat4-5 more times that amount in saturated fats per day. Sources: A trans fat is an unsaturated fatty acid molecule that hasa trans double bond between carbon atoms which makesthe molecule "kinked." and SF vs. TF Function Trans fats are apart of the lipids category in macromolecules andbecause of that they share the same functions.The functions of lipids are:- Energy storage (twice the amount of energy than Carbohydrates)- Cell membrane development- Hormones and vitamins- Insulation
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