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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The American Dream and Thoreau The American Dream is generally associated with upward mobility, getting a good job or your dream job, living in a nice house in a pleasant and safe neighbourhood and having enough money to do what you like doing. If this is the case, then Thoreaus ideals and Transcendentalism do not really go hand in hand. However, if the American Dream is achieving what you want and what you personally believe in and doing what you personally think is right, then Thoreau and Transcendentalism do actually help to achieve the American Dream, even if what you personally believe in, is a nice house with a yard and a car in the drive in a lovely suburb. We do not really believe that Walden and Bartleby the Scrivener represent the averageAmerican. America in our eyes is more of a consumerist and materialistic society where upward mobility plays an important role. Bio. (n.d.). "Henry David Thoreau Biography". Retrieved 11 January 2015 from Britannica (n.d.). "Romanticism". Retrieved 11 January 2015 from Encyclopedia of Philospohy (2011). "Transcendentalism". Retrieved 11 January 2015 from Sources used Mary Molloy 1615450Marijke Haring 1632753Minor American Studies in Advanced EnglishSpirit: Literary Voices January 2015 Discussion QuestionsDo you think that society would still work if we all sanction the rejection of social norms, values and traditions that go against our own personal convictions?What reason could Bartleby have for living the way he does? Can you think of anyone who lives like that today?
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