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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trains are advancing in many ways, they are the transportation of the feature. They will take over cars and planes. The cars and planes cause to much fuel consumption, and they aren't that fast, these new trains are going to revolutionize everything, they are safer, faster, and enviormentel healthy. Think about a world were there is less pollution, were you can get to were you want faster than ever before. Wouldn't it be nice to stop dealing with traffic. These new trains will make life simpler. With these new inventions you can go from one place to another in a matter of seconds, when if you were traveling by plane or car it would take hours. All those hours you would have been in that car with out stretching, or all that time you were in a plane even though you got plane sick you could already be at your destination with these new trains. The other benefit is a healthier world, who doesn't want that? There are many things you get with these new trains that benefit all of us in many ways. People have been working on these trains to make everything better. They have ideas, like instead of trains having to run on fuel they will run on sewage, and hydrogen which is found in water, and will never run out. Another thing is these trains are going to have magnets to move it, since the trains we use now are having to deal with friction, thus making them go slower, this magnetism technology will help the train move faster. The trains we are using now, get slower when they have to turn, yet the new trains are going to act kind of like a snake so the can twist at every turn, and not slow the train down. Trains of the feature Perla Romero1st periodBIM 1
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