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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Transportationis affecting the world in which we live on. Future Trains Trains Of The Future Transportation around the world is affecting the earth, and there aren't many ways to prevent that. One of the best waysthat harm to the earth can beprevented is the new technology around us all. With future trainseverything about thatcan change drastically. IMPACTS ON THE ECONOMY Many new things arebeing made for the improvement.One of the new things thatare going to start to be used iswaste water. One of the waysthat our future trainswill help is decrease the use of natural resources and theincrease of help. It is true thattrains use manyresources, but with new resources suchas recycled resourcesthat we use and throwaway in the daily life everything can change. HELPING OUT Another way that it helpsis the increase of the capacity of people foreach train and the decreaseof the harming to the world. Many disadvantagesrun around the worldwith the use of our trains today. Trains Nowadays Disadvantages - Many natural resources used- Many money being spent- More energy being used- Transport mainly goods - less money spent- Less natural resources used- Less energy used - Transportation of people & goods- Will be powered with things that are not used today like sewege water and renewable recourses. Trains Of The Future Future trains are moreprobable to succeed because of the way thatthey are built and the way that it will help the economy and not hurt.It will be a big affect on thesociety, mainly for the newadvantages that they willcontain. Using rates will increaseand the use of money will decrease. esteban valladares1st period3-12-15
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