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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tragedy of the failing fisheries The commons in this article are the fishes. In a normal sustainable situation it would be leaving enough fishes in the ocean so they can reproduce enough fish to have a sustainable situation. The tragedy of the failing fisheries, people are catching too much fish that they are not letting the fish reproduce, people fully heavily exploited fish The tragedy relates to population growth because with the tragedy fishermen are starting to have financial pressure so they would need to catch more fish and with the population growth humans are giving birth more and more and its causing the population growth to over flow and its causing us to get financially hurt because the higher the population higher the prices. If this tragedy would occur then some limiting factors would be the number of fish left in the ocean, The number of fish fishermen take, Resources the fish have left to survive. How many fish are able to survive and, The space they have in the ocean. Also what the amount of fishes they would be able to take. Ways to reach the sustainability for fish population would be have a limit of the amount of fish that could be taken by fishermen. For there to be a law for fishermen in the amount they can take Aeach time they go fishing also, there be special times for them to be able to go fishing and, if they dont follow rules that there be a fine and, also have consequences like being banned for a while and, maybe even forever
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