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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOUR DRIVER TOUR GUIDE Here are my top picks for the best fitness gadgets so you can keeptrack of all those calories you burn. These high-tech gadgets will helptake your workout to the next level. FITBUG It is a wearable fitness tracker but this one comes with a coachingplan that delivers daily progress reports and sets regular goals to help you get fitter. NIKE FUELBAND JAWBONE UP This cycling computer has GPS navigation with built-in maps.It is designed towithstand bad weather,bumps and knocks.The Edge 800 tracks data about your ride, including distance,speed and elevation. It also works with many heart rate monitors and power meters. POLAR RCX3 GPS AMIIGO This watch s more for a runner or cyclist. ThePolar Rcx3 will track your route, speed and distance, which you can upload to Polar's Personal Trainer website. The Personal Trainer gives you access to training programs,tracks your progress over time and offers feedback on eachworkout. It is a wristband thatcontains motionsensors to track yourmovement throughoutthe day. It translatesyour activity to points that let you compare to others. It also counts the steps you take and tells the time. GARMIN EDGE 800 CYCLE COMPUTER Amiigo provides a more personalizedfitness tracking experience. It can detect exactly what you are doing and how your body is responding. It's slimmer than theNike Fuelband and adds the ability to track the quality of your sleep. However, unlike theFuelband, it doesn't have a screen. DIFFERENT FITNESS TRACKERS
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