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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! Track & Field Participants Football Outdoor T&F Basketball Soccer (Anyone at any level) Winners of an international competion will normally raise their nations flag behind them Track & Field athletes will wear uniforms associated with their team, in order to create a sense of comunity The most common events include 100m Dash200m Dash400m Dash800m1600m (1 MIle)3200m4x100m Relay4x200m Relay4x800m Relay110m Hurdles (mens)100m Hurdles (womens)300m Hurdles Pole VaultLong JumpTriple JumpHigh JumpDiscusShot PutJavalien Throw Terms Triple Extention - when the 3 main joints used in your start are fully extended Back-side Vs Front-side Mechanics Back-side= Everythingbehind your hips Front-side= Everything infront of your hips Knowing more and certain terms, while having the knowledge of those terms, can sometimes relate to one's experience and level of competition My Track & Field team is something I am glad to be a part of everyday! Competing in Track & Field has mad me... -Hardworking-Motivated-FAST-A better athlete 206 countries participate in IAAF World Championships (2013) 1,059,206 high school athletes compete in Track & Field in the US (2014) 9 There are classifications of competionion based on disability in Paralympics for Track & Field 27,127 NCAA female Track & Field student-athletes 2,000 over youth USATF clubs throughout the US
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