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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How It Works Each Shop Cycle 4-6 shops per year 3-4 will go on to permanent tenancies Fills vacant retail spaces for 36-48 weeks per year Open to a variety of applications, predominant interest so far has come from retail businesses Projected Revenue Breakdown (based on example retail shop) Sales Launch Event Cafe Section Close Event Workshops 24-36 permanent jobs created per year 21-32 temporary jobs created each year Local small businesses Ongoing issue inNorthampton, thatcreates a negativeimage in town centre Liaise with agencies Consumers Application Process The Pop Up Connective provides: Pop Up Shop Costs recouped Put off by opening shops, due to high startup costs and risk of failure/early closure To establishpotential and viability increasingly shopping online- physical shopping must compete to become a value added experience. Empty retail spaces To fill properties as needed -Shop space & fittings-Events & workshops-Cafe Section-Designers-Marketing through a % of profits, in order to be investedinto the next shop. Business growth by generatingcapital, salesfigures & brandawareness Town centre revitalised through creativelydesigned shops and communityworkshops Empty shops filled with option forbusiness to gopermanent andcontinued shopadvertising Promotion andmarketing builds local interest Launch event-exclusive sales, refreshments & entertainment Retail, small cafe section, & artwork Retail, small cafe section, & artwork Communityworkshops Close event-end of stock sales, refreshments & entertainment
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