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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Darby's TPACK Model Content Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge Technological Knowledge Where I Am Where I Want To Be Where I Am Where I Am Where I Want To Be Where I Want To Be PK TK CK PK CK TK Currently I am in my second year of education.I aspire to become an elementary teacher (K-3). For my ideal TPACK model,I have chosen to go with the inverted version of the originaltemplate. I personally believe that technological knowledge comes second to both contentand pedagogical knowledge; for that same reason my idealtechnological bubble is the smallest. PTK My ideal Pedagogical Knowledgeis the biggest circle because Ithink the way you teach is muchmore important than what youteach. Where I am at with my PKis very small compared to my ideal because I am early in my education degree and have yetto be taught effective ways ofteaching. I have always been onthe "student" side of the classroomso the transition to the "teacher"side will be a big change. At this point I have yet to find my teachingstyle, but I look forward to learning many different ways and tying them to my content and technologicalbases. You'll see here that I already have some overlap between my pedagogical and technologicalknowledge. Last year at Lakeland College I had the opportunity to do a 30 hour observational practicum in a grade 1 classroom. My partnering teacher shared with me a number of ways she had transformed a lesson with the help of her SMARTboard and Ipad set, and how her teachingstrategies evolved because of it. As you can see, my "Where I Am" Contentknowledge is the biggest circle of my current status (it is slightly larger than technological knowledge). I feel this way because the con-tent I will be teaching my young elementarystudents, is content that I have used throughoutmy education so I am relatively confident with it. I aspire to be a Speech Language Pathologistone day, so this is one of the reasons my contentknowledge is not "Where I Want To Be" yet.I expect this bubble to grow even more through-out my 3rd and 4th years! On the bottom of my TPACK model youwill find technological knowledge. TK is atthe bottom of the model because using tech-nology can help teachers in many ways but itdoesn't need to be used for everything (hencethe smaller circle compared to PK and CK).My prior knowledge of technology is fairly largeand because of EDU 210 it is almost the samesize as my content knowledge.
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