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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Toxic Waste Toxic Waste is caused byAutomobiles,Power Plants, and incinerators. Acid Rain is produced when oxides of sulfur,carbon, and nitrogen from burning fossil fuels combine with moisture in the in theair,producing hazardous acids. Just as generatorsusing fossil fuelscreate unwantedwaste pollution, so do nuclear powerstations. Most of thewaste from anuclear powerstation is radio-active. Uranium, Plutonium andother fuels used by nuclear powerstations continue to releaseradiation even after they have beenused sometimes for billions of years.Some of these fuels will never be completely safe. In 1981,approximately 264million tons of waste where produced inthe U.S about 5.5million whereconsideredhazardous. Many toxic waste canharm humans, plants, andanimals. Significant exposureto lead in paints and gasolinecan lead to nervous disorders.Organic toxic wastes can lead to liver and kidneyinflammation. There are no international agreements on how todeal with any type ofwast. Some countriesdon't even have apolicy for dealing withwaste. Ocean dumping,burial, and reprocessingare some methodsused. Depending on thetype of waste, toxic waste can be treatedchemically, and maybe treated lime orbicarbonate to nutrilizethe acid. Oil spills at seaare often treated withan emulisifer to dispensethe oil in the water there by reducing the adverseeffects on beaches and on wildlife. Effective methodsof biological treatmentof toxic wastes are still undergoing development. Environmentalorganizations such asGreenpeace work tomake the public awareof the dangers of nuclear power and it's waste.As a result people are concerned aboutliving near powerstations. -Ethan Mcfarlin
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