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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 F&B TOUCHPOINTS The first touchpoint of the F&B departmentis during the Menu Assignments which the students have to make for their conference proposals. At the moment there is no (menu) finance involved. We think it should be integrated into this courseBecause (F&B) finance is a central thread at a hospitality Business School PHASE 1 BS- Kitchen 1 - Safety and Sanitation - Knife skills- Product knowledge- Purchasing Cycle- Equipment knowledgeBS - Kitchen 2- Product knowledge- Cooking techniques- Recurrence of week 1- QuizBS - Service 1- Product knowledge- Basic service SkillsBS - Service 2BS - WinesBS - Sprits CHI BS PE MO PHASE 2 CHI - Checking inBS - Basic SkillsPE - Practical EducationMO - Managing an OutletGAS - Gastronomy GAS PHASE 3 Projects and Events Chances for Blended learning:Basic skills, F&Bcan be tested online.Students will pass BS when online test is sufficient. Current Desired Add BS - Gastronomy Sustainabillity (CSR) Culture Authenticity (fieldtrips) Outdoor Ardennes Parents day At the end of the course PE studentswill plan and execute an event called Parents day.During this event all the skills gained during previous courses have to be applied. Practical EducationDescription in the course guide:As a future manager it is important to masterbasic skills and gain experience working in different areas of the hospitality Industry.Practical Education offers you the opportunity of doing so. Managing the outlet:Description in the course guide:Overall in this course you will learn how to manage resources and processes.The course will teach you how to lead and optimize your teams performance. The gastronomy course is an elective course - instructors play an important role in this courseThe course goes into depth on topics like.* Gastronomy and Sustainabillity* Gastronomy and Trends* Gastronomy and Authenticity* Gastronomy and History* Fieldtrips* Guest speakers* workshopsWe suggest to go even more into depth with the elective course and to make parts of the course mandatory in phase 1. Worldwide placement CHI BS PE MO GAS Finance should be embedded in the menu assignment More integration and co-creation between lectures and instructors during the menu basics lecture and other courses Implement Gastronomy 1.0 Implement blended learning by offering online test and online instructions. Current BS holds 12 contact hours, more contact hours are required. Learning assignments should be more viable:e.g. Learning assignment how to make an sop:Students can make "real" sop that can be used in our outlets.This means co-creation between lecturers and instructors! We would like to build stronger relationships with our "managers" therefore we suggest to have the students longer in the outlet than the current situation. We would like to implement Project Education for IFT students. in cooperation with the industry. Instructors development Over the course of the past years we build strong (gastronomy) relationswithin the industry. We have the idea of going more into depth with the current Gastronomy course and start Gastronomy 2.0.Another idea is to start an Gastronomy Summer Course (GSC) F&B staff members need to go back into the field to keep close to the industry.* Placements* Field trips* Exchange programs* More opportunities for instructors to appraise lecturers lessons and visa versa so that better peer views can be given. For fast track students Integrate possible networks e.g. alumni, partner schools and industry contacts in our curriculum. Organise Alumni events on a regular basis
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