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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Characteristics of a Tornado Characteristics of a Tornado Size is scaled according to the... -Fujita Tornado Scale: A scale of six categories that rates tornado wind speed based upon the observed destruction of the storm. -Move with the thunderstorm to which they are attached at an average speed of 35 miles per hour-The diameter of a tornado can vary from 300 feet to 1 mile-Around 1.300 tornadoes hit yearly.-On average, about 60 people are killed by tornadoes every year-Oklahoma City has been hit with the most tornadoes-On June 8, 1966,the Topeka, Kan., a tornado had a costof about $1,680,136,978, giving it the title of the costliesttornado ever Stats/fact s: rain falls, andcauses a down draft of cold air humid air rises.its water vapor condenses to form more waterdroplets, releasingheat in the processinto the surroundingair. Heat causes the air mass to rise,strengthening the storm. As updrafts ina severethunderstorm cloud get stronger, more air is pulled intothe base of thecloud to replacethe rising air. Some of this airmay be rotatingslightly since theair around thebase of athunderstorm always has acertainamount of spin. Diagram offormatio n Diagram offormatio n History History The deadliest tornadoin United States history was theTri-State tornadoon March 18, 1925.Beginning in Missouri, the tornado stayed onthe ground for almost220 miles (350 kilometers),moving into Illinoisand Indiana. In places,it left a trail of damagealmost 1 mile (1.6 kilometers)wide. The Tri-Statetornado plowed through nine townsand destroyed thousands of homes.When the storm wasover, 695 people had lost their lives andmore than 2,000 wereinjured. Prep/community resources When a tornado warning appears,go immediatelyunder ground toa basement, storm cellar oran interior room.Have anemergency plan ready.Community resourcesare, red cross,OK strong relief fund,disaster assistance,and many more.
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