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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 top 10 trends of 2014 1. North Face ParkasBecause of the freezingcold temperatures, Parkas have been spotted every-where! Because they are so long, they can keep you toasty warm all winter long. With 2014 coming to a close, it's fun to look at all of the popular trends YOU were dying to have. With this top ten list, we can almost guarantee you and your friends had one of these items. 10. Statement NecklacesThese necklaces are perfect for any special event this holiday season.The necklaces often timeshave really large objects on them to help make any outfit catch someone'sattention. 2. Patagonia'sAnother great trend thatearns the second spot.Because there are so many different colors and styles,you are almost guaranteed to have one that other people don't 3. ConverseConverse are an old trend that were brought backthis year! The most popular being there low topwhite converse, but also their colored converse.They look good with just about anything "Converse are one of my favorite shoes to wear," says freshman, Jenny Cape. "They're comfortable and look good with everything!" "Parkas are so trendy! I see the majority of girls at my school wearing them." says freshman, Nora Barker. 4. Hunter BootsHunter Boots are a trend thatstarted at the end of 2014, butthe trend started fast! Hunterboots have been a must havefor girls over the past couplemonths. 5. iPhonesiPhones have become more andmore popular over the years,and frequently, adults, teens,kids, and even new usersto technology have them. "I got an iPhone 4 in 7th grade and as new iPhones come out, I alwaysseem to get the newer versions!" says freshman Emma Heaney. 6. Velvet Skirts and DressesAfter all back to school dances and homecoming, there were lotsof velvet skirts and dressesspotted. Most commonly, theyare more fall colors and worn with black tights. 7. MonogramsWhether it be a fame, shirt, ornecklace, monograms have beenspotted everywhere! Originallypopular in the south, monogramsare making their way up north. "I just got a monogram necklace for Christmas! I love it so much and itmakes every outfit so cute." says freshman, Nora Barker 8. JoggersOn those lazy days when you justcan't get up in the morning, joggers are the perfect pair of pants to wear! They are much nicer than sweatpants and lookso cute. 9. Nike ShoesFor both girls AND boys, Nike shoes have become the mostpopular kind to have! They come in a varietyof shapes, colors, and sizes. "I bought some new black Nike shoes recently! They are so comfortable." says Emma Heaney
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