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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOP TEN ROLLER COASTERS 1. Millinium Force 2. Top thrill dragster a steel accelerater roller coaster built by intamin at cedar point in Sandusky Ohio 3. superman- ride of steel another steel roller coaster located at six flags america amusement park in upper Marlboro,Maryland. By: Jonathan B 4. The beast a wooden roller coaster located at kings island in mason, Ohio. Opened in the spring of 1979 in the river town of the park. It was the longest, tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the WORLD!!! This is a steel roller coaster, built by intamin at cedar point amusement park in Sandusky a steel roller coaster located in alton towers in england. the ride opened to be the first vertical drop roller coaster on march 14 1998 6. superman- the escape an intamin accelorater coaster at warner in gold coast, Queensland, australia the ride opened on boxing day december 26 2005 7. drachen fire a arrow dynamic roller coaster that operated from 1992-1998 at busch garden williamsburg. opened april 4th it closed july 11. it was steel. 8. goliath a wooden roller coaster at six flags great america in gurney Illinois designed by Alan Schilke, set three world records for wooden rollers. 9. son of beast a record breaking roller coaster located at kings island in mason Ohio 10. superman ride of steel E steel roller coaster, came out in 1999. the designer is intamin TOP TEN ROLLER COASTERS!!!!!!!! 5. oblivion
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