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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 T T Top You can learn, communicate and create all at once! "When I can't get to my friends I can still talk to them through social media." says #8: Watch a Movie! Most movies take up a few #7: Make A Snack! There are so many different kinds of snacks to make and #5: Read! Reading is not only good for you but will keep you occupied. Once you find an awesome book, you can keep reading for a long time. #4: Finish a Project! If it's cleaning your room or actually finishing something for school, completely something takes time and makes you feel good. It's productive and smart. Study! #2: E E N N Activities That Defeat Boredom Defeat Boredom Everyone gets struck once with complete boredom and can't think of anything to keep them entertained. Here are 10 activities that can make boredom totally go away. Studying is not the most ideal way to spend your free time, but going over notes is smart and responsible. Studying also can make you feel more prepared and confident about the lesson. #1: Hanging Out With Hanging Out With Friends and Family! Being with friends and family can't be beat! Talking with someone is 10 times better than texting them. "Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love." says Madison Long. #6: Listen to Music! Listening and finding new is a really fun thing to do. There are so many different types of music, which makes listening to it really interesting. Rachel Spyhalski. There is so much to offer on the internet! #9: Go Online! hours, making them perfect for free time. There are so many kinds Madison Long. #3: Get Active! Going outside, working out and practicing a sport are all active choices. Getting active is not only smart but healthy too! "Playing soccer when I have some extra free time makes me feel good and impresses my coach." Says Emma Staszkiewicks. to choose from. " I love turning off the lights, make popcorn and watch old horror movies." Says Jenny Cape. #10: Take a Nap! Although naps aren't very time consuming, they are occasionally important! Try taking a 30 minute nap. (30 minutes will give you a nice boost of energy.) many that are super simple. Baking food on your own is rewarding. " Baking treats for my family is fun for me." Says Allison Retzlaff.
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