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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 5 Stories in Social and Technology Top 5 The Week of September 24 MySpace is trying to make a comeback! Site owners teamed up with Justin Timberlake in attempts to re-launch the site. It looks like a Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook hybrid.The platform continues to see traffic to band pages and the idea is to capitalize on the data and artist followers. No date has been set but owners say they are "really far along" in the development process. 5 1 3 2 According to a GlobalWebIndex report, there are now 11.7 million active Twitter users in Mexico. The 44% user base puts Mexico in the #5 spot for most active country from Q2 2012 results. Twitterhas seen a big increase in Mexico since the presidential election this year. This Wednesday, Facebook began adding a new file sharingcapability to their Groups using Dropbox. Groups have been able to share files since May as long as the files were <25MB& not music or .exe files. Now group members can add files with their Dropbox account to be viewed or edited on theweb, their smartphones, and tablets. Beauty brand Laura Mercier wants to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.They created mobile-enabling lanyards, worn by brand reps, which include branded QR codes & NFC chips to engage customers. The multi-channel effort was spread across 2,000 stores and was printed in national magazines. Kellogg's & a UK agency opened a Special K retail store in London this week. The "Tweet Shop" is a place where Twitter users can buy the new Cracker Crisps snack for thesmall price of a single tweet from their account. 4
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