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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 in 1000s The west coastis home to a vastarray of climatesfrom temperate,desert, lush andmoderate. El Toro Kingda Ka Location: Six Flags (New Jersey)Height:456 ft tallSpeed:128 miles per hour Location:Six Flags (New Jersey)Speed:70 miles per hourHeight:181 ft # 1 Intimidator 305 Location:King Dominon Park (Virginia)Speed:90 miles per hourHeight: over 300 ft The Sky Scream Location:Holiday Park (Germany)Speed: top 62 miles per hourHeight:150 ft The Goliath Location: Six Flags(Illinois)Speed:72 miles per hourHeight:180 ft Formula Rossa Speed: 149 miles per hourHeight:174 ftLocation:Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Colossos Coaster Location:Heide Park (Germany)Height:197 ftSpeed: over 110 miles per hour Steel Dragon Location: Spaland (Japan)Speed: 95 Miles Per HourHeight: 318 ft Banshee Location: Kings Island (Ohio)Speed: 68 miles per hourHeight:167 ft Verruct Location: Kansas City (Kansas)Height:168 ftSpeed: 65 miles per hour Bam! You're upside down! Bam! You're rightside up! What does this sound like? A scary rollercoaster! Scary rollercoasters have been around for a lifetime but there is always the top 10. You may already know the top 10 most scary rollercoasters in the world , but do you really? In order to truly know the top 10 most scary roller coasters in the world you have to know their height,location and speed. The charts of height and speed The top 10 scariest roller coasters in the world!
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