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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MONEY MANAGEMENT GUIDE RUBRIC!!! HERE IS WHAT MONEY MANAGEMENT GUIDE RUBRIC!!! You should have a Zero-based budget because it will help you with your budget in a bank. It will also help you with your management for your budget. You should have a savings account because it will help you save some of your money in a bank. The bank will put that money in a save place, so that no one can take it. You should know the location because if you know the location of your bank, you would be able to put or take out money from your bank.The location of your bank is every important because if you dont know where your bank is, you wont be able to get money into your bank. Make sure you can look for interest rates because it will help you with your budget and if you look for a high interest rate, your budget fees will go down.Also check your credit cards interest rate. Make sure you know about the commercial bank/FDIC because you will get money back if the bank is burned down and you will get $250,000 back.The money that you put in your bank will be safe. Make sure you know about the credit union/NCUA because it is the same as the commercial bank/FDIC, and you will glad that you get money back as well.The NCUA is like the FDIC because they both give you money back. Make sure you have a credit card because you can pay your taxes with it and you are able to pay your credit card taxes as well.The taxes are really high and sometimes really low, and now you will be able to pay your taxes. When you create a budget you can use your budget to help you budget your money in your bank account at your bank.Your budget will help you make decisions for managing your budget money in your bank account.
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