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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4 1 3 2 5 Top 10 Video Games Sold in 2014! A sandbox like independent game which allows players to create a fictional world as they protect themselves against nocturnal monsters. Madden NFL 15 Destiny NBA 2K15 Super Smash Bros Grand Theft Auto 5 Minecraft An open world action-adventure game which sold more than $1bnin its first 3 days of sale. Even though it was released in September 2013 it was the fourth best-selling video game of 2014. An American football simulation game that has sold more than85 million copies. Descript ion This first person shooter game was released on November of 2013 and it soldmore than 19 million copies. A basketballsimulation gameallowed players to scan their own faces into the game. A crossoverfightinggame featuring characters like Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Link, etc. Fifa 15 is a football simulation game releasedin September of 2014people praised it for thenew feature called Emotional Intelligence. A first person shooter game which casts the player as the guardian of the last city on earth. It is the most expensive video game costing $500m still managing to be in 3rd place. 9 10 7 6 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 8 An open world action-adventuregame about a hacker released in June 2014 sold more than 4 million copies in its first week. Watch Dogs FIFA 15 Call of Duty:Ghosts Video game rates went up A first person shooter game featuring actor Kevin Spacey. Released on November 2014. The totalindustry sales was about $13.1 billionfor the year. from 2013! 14%
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