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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Beijing is located at the northen tip of xishan and yanshan mountain ranges. TOKYO Rise Of The Megacities Tokyo metropolis is situated in the centre of the Japanese archipelago in the kento region on the northern west of Tokyo bay. The population of Beijing in 2012 was around 21-22 million people. The demographics of Beijing are __________Han-95.69%Manchu-1.84%Hui-1.74%Mongols-0.28%Koreans-0.15%Tujia-0.062%Zhuang-0.054%Maio-0.039%Uyghur-0.023%Tibetan-0.022% BEIJING Beijing is the 2nd largest city in china, after shanghai. Beijing itselflies on a flat land(elevating 20 to 60m) above the sea levelit borders Hebei provinceto the north, west , south, and for a small location in the east andTianjin to the southeast. China has over 900 million mobile phone users, china also has189 billionaires. China has over 338 million internet users. One of china's biggest problems is environmental pollution. As there are so many people in Beijing and so many people are riving cars that the air pollution of Beijing is 5 times higher then the safety regulation made by WHO ( World Health Origination).There is a 1 child policy,meaning you can only have 1 child at a time. Tokyo's population in 2014 is 35 million people. The demographics of Tokyo are___________China-161 169North Korea and south Korea-99 880Philippines-27 929United States-15 901India-8 313Nepal-8 669Thailand-6 906United kingdom-5 522Myanmar-4 781France- 4 635Japanese-34 656 295 Tokyo's population is 25% population of Japan. The men's life expectancy of men in Tokyois 78.79 years and the women's life expectancy in Tokyo in 85.75 years old. The population of Tokyo willdecline by 61% by 2100. The old city of Tokyo occupied and reclamied lands along and to the east of the sumida river and hills to the west of the river. The challenges that Tokyo is facing are sinking ecnomy, aging society, sinking birth rate, radition and unpopular and seemingly powerless goverment. 1/3 of single women live in poverty. Megacities are normal cites with a massive poplulation. To know if a city is a megacity the population has to be over 10million to be considered as a megacities. Megacities are from urban sprawls when one city or area spread out so much that they meet up with another area or city.
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