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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tobbaco mosaic virus ONLY IN PLANTS Future with TMV -light green or yellowish colours on the leaves-mosaic patterns-leaf distortions -blistering of the leaves-stunting of the plantoverall lowers the qualityand quantity of the crop found in the leaves of plants: Ground Tissue Vascular Tissue Meristimatic Tissue Epidermal Tissue -stunting-mosaic pattern of light and dark green (or yellow and green) on the leaves-malformation of leaves or growing points-yellow streaking of leaves (especially mon-ocots)-yellow spotting on leaves-distinct yellowing only of veins Symptoms of TMV Treatments -remove infected plants-wash hands between plantings-crop rotation (changing the placement of crops every few years)-cross protection method (STRONG strain of TMV infection is prevented by infecting host plant with MILD strain of TMV, similar to a vaccine) Are the Treatments Effective? effective to a point, whereas there is no way to completely protect the plants from the virus but using these methods can help protect the host from the virus. removing infected plants and washing your hands are the easiest ways to treat the virus, but they are not the most effective ways to help protect the host; the cross protection method is more effective but on the other hand not the easiest to apply 350 different species of plantscan be infected by TMV (eg., tobacco, tomato, and other solanaceous plants) TMV is a very common virus TMV very rarely kills a plant itself TMV can only multiply inside a living cell but itcan survive in a dormant state in dead tissue for up to 50 years
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