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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented lung dieases smoking tobacco stroke Media & Communications Consumer Trends chewing tobacco health concerns chewing tobacco is a form of smokelesstobacco that are loosetobacco leaves made into strands or twists pipe, cigar and snuff still aresmoked but the tobacco containedis different than a cigarette. tobacco can cause birthdeffects with pregnant women. itcan cause mouth & lung it constricts your veinslimiting blood flow resultingin a stroke - emphysema ~ destroys air sacs in your lungs making it difficult to breathe- chronic bronchitis~ when inflamedbronchi produce a lot of mucus and makes breathing a difficulty. *mouth and throat cancer * cancer of the esophagus * stomach cancer * pancriatic cancer since the veins constrict whilst using tobacco. this makes bloodflow to the brain not happenvery often resultingin a stroke. TOBACCO tobacco is the preparation of nicotine rich leaves that are smoked or chewed * tobacco contains poisonous gasses and the addictive substance nicotine smoking tobaccois the practice ofburning tobaccoand inhaling the smoke pipe & cigar tobacco double click to change this title text! dieases from smokless tobacco leukoplakia white patches that form on your lip, tounge, cheek, and mouth thick white patches that can be found on your tongue,lip, cheek, throat, and on your gum. This is pre-cancer
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