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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comparing TKM and The Help The Help To Kill A Mockingbird Characters ScoutMrs.MerriweatherAunt Alexander Anther plot line from TKM that is similar to TH is when in TKM AuntAlexander want to fire Calpurnia and in TH when Charlotte fires Constantine. These are similar because in both of these situationsif was in order to make the appearance of the family in TH case it waswhat someone else thought. SkeeterHillyCharlotte Phelan Mrs. Merriweather is similar to Hilly in the help. The both are racist and hypocritical. Not only do they both have maids (help), but theyhave indecency to talk bad about them. Mrs.M complain about Sophie, and Hilly can't stand to use the same bathroom as the maids. There are multiple similar themes between The Help and TKM. In The Help one of the major themes is the moral blindness to daily injustice and inequality. An example of that is when the whites (Hilly as example) think they are superior to blacks by 1) making them usea different toiler or 2) not allowing them to eat with them. An example of this theme in TKM is at the Tom Robinson case. Becasue it was whites against black obviously Tom already had a disadvantage and even we know that he was innocent although in the trial he was guilty. Themes One plot line from TKM that is similar to The Help is when Charlottegets a award and the tea scene in TKM. They are similar because atthat point both were being hypocritical thinking the other race is inferior. Finally, the last similarity is the trial and the book written by Skeeter.These are similar because both Skeeter and Atticus are doing whatright even though they know it might have a bad outcome. Also bothSkeeter and Atticus are doing whats right even though they might losesome friends in the proccess. Next, another similar plot is when Hilly and the girls have tea and when and the ladies of Maycomb have tea. These are similar becauseone they both are having tea and again the whites are look down on someone weather it would be the neighbors or the blacks. Plot Finally Aunt Alexander and Charlotte are similar. They both care about what other people think of them v.s. what they think of themselves. A brilliant example that is when Aunt Alexander has people for tea and doesn't speak up about how hypocritical Mrs. M is. Also when Mrs. P has people over she fires Constantine just because someone told her to. In the book To Kill a mocking bird Scout is similar to Skeeter. They are both similar because Scout like Skeeter doesn't really care what people think. They are willing to do what others are not necessary going to like, Skeeter writes a book about Mississippi, and Scout isn't prejudice and sits blacks during the trial. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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