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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 aldehyde 1.The properties of aldehydes; the chemical and physical properties of aldehydes are affected by the carbonyl group.Because oxygen has much higher electronegativity than carbon,electrons from the double bond are attracted to the oxygen atom.As a result,the molecules are polar.Small aldehydes are completely soluble in water,but the solubility decreases as additional carbons are added to the chain. Aldehydes are often used asa solvent in industrial.Compare to alkane: alkane is saturated and it doesn't have =O. Alhydes are unsaturated because of =O. 2.The general formula of alhydes: 3.The naming of aldehydes: replace the final -e from the name of the parent alkane with the suffix - al. For example: 4.a)The reactions of making aldehydes: b)The reactions of undergo: 5.a) Is the aldehydes exist in our body? Yes,aldehyde dehydrogenases are a group of enzymes that catalyse the oxidation (dehydrogenation) of aldehydes.To date, nineteen ALDH genes have been identified within the human genome. These genes participate in a wide variety of biological processes including the detoxification of exogenously and endogenously generated aldehydes. b)aldehyde condensation polymer, any of a number of industrially produced polymeric substances that are built up in condensation reactions involving an aldehyde. In almost all cases the particular aldehyde employed is formaldehyde,a highly reactive gas that iscommonly polymerized with phenol, urea, or melamine to produce a series of important synthetic resins.
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