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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Keeper, by Tim Howard Tim Howard grew up in New Jersey with his mom and brother. He grew up loving sports. Tim always dreamed of being a professional athlete. When he was about twelve years old he was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. Tim had to get over manychallenges growing up. When he started to play soccer all his symptoms went away.Later in his life he joined the U19 National team. His goal was to join the U.S National Men's team, as the starting keeper. He meant that goal in 2004. This past World Cup he had the best game of his career. Throughout this game he made 15 saves, Tim broke the record for the amount of saves in a signal World Cup game. Tim Howard will be remembered for a long time! Kelli Kreider Tim grew up in New Jersey, with his mom and little brother. He lovedplaying sports, espically soccer. Played soccer with a communityteam and at the age of sevenhe started playing keeper. Then atthe age of twelve he was digonosed with Tourette's syndrome. Tim had many tough times to get through.He play on the U19 national team. Thiswould give him a huge oppertunity to play with the US National team. Tim grew as an athlete and person. He got many offers to play withteams in Europe, and he choose to play with Everton. Shortly after that hewas offered a spot on the national team! Today he is still playingwith the National team,and he is known allaround the world,and will be rememberedfor a long time! He played in the last World Cup,and had his best game of career,having 15 saves throughout the game! That made history for having the most saves in oneWorld Cup match. " It will take a nation of millions to hold me back." This quote is so powerful because Tim said this when he was a senior in high school. He said this before he knew that he was going to be playing in front of millions,for the National team. Tim really showed that this was true in the last World Cup. He had a huge game and a lot of pressure, but the millions watching him didn't stop him from sing the best he could do!
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