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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know TIGERS Are FASHION VICTIMS? double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. "People ask, 'Why worry about saving the tiger rather than taking care of India's people?'" ''Our huge concern was that if tiger reserves would be left and empty'' ''Demand for skins from the newly rich is pushing Indian tiger to brink of extinction, writes Peter Foster'' "This is it. The end is now in sight for the Indian tiger. The sheer quantities of skins for sale is beyond belief. As the Sariska scandal so clearly showed, the Indian tiger is now being systematically wiped out." ''At horse festivals in Tibet and Sichuan, dancers, riders and spectators wandered about, openly wearing the traditional chuba, generously trimmed with tiger and leopard skin, while organizers and local officials joined in.'' ''According to Indian government census figures there are 3,624 wild tigers left in India but that figure is now widely acknowledged to be a gross overestimate. Some wildlife campaigners put the figure as low as 2,000.'' ''Wildlife experts accuse the Indian and Chinese governments of seriously underestimating the scale of the problem and, through a mixture of corruption and bureaucratic inertia, failing to address it.'' ''The Indian government has recently set up a new Tiger Taskforce to try to staunch the flow of big cat losses but, experts say, the commercial poaching interests are better funded and more determined than the state. Perhaps most'' ''Until recently it was tiger bone used in Chinese medicine that was thought to be driving the escalating poaching trade, but it is now clear that Tibetan fashions are stoking demand to unparalleled and unsustainable levels.'' ''The Indian tiger is heading rapidly towards extinction because a new breed of wealthy Tibetans prize the skins as trimming for their traditional costumes, an investigation by a wildlife charity has shown''
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