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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TIDAL ENERGY VS PETROLEUM tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy ofwaves/tides into forms of power All around the world people compare stuff have you ever wondered what's better between a renewable source and a non renewable source RENEWABLE SOURCE NON RENEWABLE SOURCE petroleum is a mixture of crude oil and natural gas , it is also known as rock oil environmental impacts some environmental impacts about tidal energy is since its a renewablesource of electricity it does not result in pollution or emission of gaseswhich are responsible for global warming.If we use tidal energy it can decrease theneed for nuclear power. Tidal energy can affect the marine life by ruining habitats. technological impacts tidal energy is really efficient ( 85% efficiency)compared to other sources it is one of the most efficient. Tidal and ocean energy technologies have just started but they arerapidly generating the power. social impacts environmental impacts some environmental impacts about petroleumis since its a non renewable source of electricity it results in pollution and emission gases whichare really bad for the environment and responsibleglobal warming , acid rains and etc. Petroleum isreally bad for the environment they also kill alot ofmarine animal for example birds and ducks and petroleum also produces lots of waste. technological impacts social impacts some social impacts are that petroleum iseasy to transport and can reach remotecommunties andenergy from petroleum is cheap and is more commonly used , this non renewable source has broughtmining closer to populated areas. scientific impacts petroleum has many uses and it is usedalot it can be turned into natural gas, gasoline and fuel but the bad thing is that petroleum is limited in some areasand sometimes you can only find petroleum in certain areas. some social impacts are that tidal energyis easy to find because its almost everywhere so its used alot to in some areasbut the problem with tidal energy is the parts are really expensive. conclusion petroleum energy is not really efficient atall but its one of the sources which is easily found and easy to use. scientific impacts tidal energy is a form of hydropower meaning water , tidal energy is used all over the world but right now its still a new thing unlike other sources like petroleum and coal. In my opinion i think tidal energy is better than petroleumbecause its better to the environment than petroleum because tidal energy causes no pollution but petroleumdoes also , its way more efficient than petroleum andany other source these are just some reasons why i think tidal energy a renewable source is better than petroleum a non renewable source. pros : easy to use easy to transport easy to find cons: polluting environmental concers PETROLEUM
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