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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "The Thrice Promised Land" The Balfour Declaration The Husayn-McMahon Letters The Sykes-Picot Agreement This was three promises that the British did with the Zionists, The Arabs of Mecca, and the French. All three of the promises involved the land Of Palestine and other parts of the Middle East and who should have control over it. In this agreement, the British argued with the Zionists, andthey ended up by declaring that they supportedthe establishment of a national Jewishhome in the land of Palestine. This series of letters Between Shariff Husayn and Sir Henry McMahon involved the Arabs wanting all the land east of Egypt. The Britishchanged this, and they decided to recognizeall holy places and the independence of the Arabs of Mecca. One of those holy places was in Old Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock. This kind of contradicted their British's promise with the Zionist Government. The Sykes-Picot Agreement was betweenThe British Government and the FrenchGovernment. they were debating on howto share the land and how to regulate taxesand imports in the Middle East. They endedwith an agreement that Great Brittain andFrance will have control over their lands,and then they assign leaders. They also decided that there would be now transport taxes for them in ports, railroads, and othertransports. The British basically lied to three governments at once, each of them thinking that they were going to get what they were promised. Both the Jews and the Arabs learned that they were lied to, and it angered them. The British knew that they lied, and they didn't think it would get as bad as it became after the war, where it resolved to violence. When they realized that they couldn't do anything, they dropped their decisions and after World War II The U.N. took control over the land of once Palestine, and they did what they could with the land. Those who were part of this whole equation, being promised a big chunk of land, but having been lied to, they responded in a similar way that many others would do, which was act in violence. However, others would've probably weighed the decision for a while. And on the other side, the British side, on the other hand, before making three promises, two of them contradicting each other, should've thought strongly of the consequences.
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