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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Strange but True Facts of King Tut The Strange but True Facts of King Tut double click to change this header text! Over a thousand years ago the ancient Egyptians were ruled by the young Tutankhaten. Not much is known about this ancient ruler but what is known is truly strange. Over the years we have discovered some truly weird and freaky things about the young pharoah. Sibling Bonding Sibling Bonding When beggining his rule of power Tut was married to his sister who was severalyears older than him so that the young king would appear older. And I Have Issues? The pharoah is supposed to be all powerful but in king Tut's caseit couldn't be farther from the truth for he had fifteen different problems. Oops! In the progress of removing hisbody from the bottom of the coffin his body was cut in halfby Dr. Douglas of Cairo Universityafter trying to chisel and melt him out. that's a creepy kinda way When uncovering his tomb at hisside were two small coffins thatheld two infants. After long arguments it was finally proven that the two childrenwere his two stillborn daughters. A pictureof what thepharoah wouldwear. Picture of what a pharoah would weartraditionally. The three great pyramids. cats were treasuredin Egypt andone was even foundmummified in a tomb. camels were brought to pharoah of Egypt as a gift. believe it or not there is a variety of water animals in Egyptincluding herons. The Egret is also native to Egypt. Depending on how far away it wasyou could wait for months fora return letter. Despite what you may think theEgyptians were very smartand an advanced civilization. One of the ways to travel wasto travel across the Nile on a boat. Others were to ride in a wagon.
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